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How not to do damage limitation on Facebook

Facebook damage limitationThis morning’s question is this: You’re a major corporation. One of your customers suffers the tragic loss of a child. What do you do?

The supplemental is this: Suppose your response to question one isn’t great. The customer is frustrated and now the story is going viral on Facebook. Real-time damage limitation is needed. Your actions in the next few minutes can either enhance or damage your reputation. What do you do now?

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Twitter is now a Key Tool in Crisis Management.

Twitter is now a key tool in crisis managementAs I turned into my local railway station one morning recently I knew immediately that something terrible had happened. Where normally there would be one or two cars in front of the ticket office, the whole area was crowded with half a dozen police cars and many other emergency vehicles and personnel. I was stopped by a Chiltern Railways member of staff who gave me the bad news.

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