Inbound Marketing UK 2013

Inbound 2013I very much enjoyed this summit which took place in London on 14th October 2013. We had a range of speakers starting with Hubspot CEO Brian Halligan and concluding with Mumsnet co-founder Carrie Longton. Frank Belzer discussed the evolving implications for sales organisations of inbound marketing (of which more at a later date), and Doug Kessler talked with humour and much knowledge about content (“steal it, from far away.”)

The content varied from the inspirational to the highly technical, with Richard Baxter discussing how to manipulate Twitter to identify and segment target audiences, and Carrie Longton and Paul Berney identifying the surging interest in mobile.

Key takeaways:

  • Not just inbound marketing; inbound sales, inbound service, inbound companies.
  • Content, yes, but content in context.
  • Mobile, mobile, mobile, mobile, mobile.
  • Storytelling not campaigning, engaging not pitching, teaching not selling.
  • Measurement: use the tools to measure your success and tune your activity accordingly.

After the event I put together a short deck of twelve moments of insight, which is on Slideshare for your enjoyment: