Ten things Guy Kawasaki learned from Steve Jobs

inbound14Guy Kawasaki opened Inbound 2014 tonight with a presentation on the lessons he learned in two spells at Apple working closely with the late and great Steve Jobs. In his relaxed and confident style, Guy identified ten lessons which he shared with an appreciative audience. Along the way he gently ribbed Microsoft and Dell, among others.

Guy identified that the world changes when people move to a new curve, rather than trying to improve the existing curve. He illustrated the point beautifully by talking about the supply of ice for domestic use, which moved from ice farming 120 years ago, to (new curve) ice factories 90 years ago, to (new curve again) the domestic refrigerators 60 years ago. As he pointed out, despite their dominance in ice manufacturing, none of the ice factories got into domestic refrigerator manufacturing.

Here’s the list Guy presented – it will mean more to those who saw the presentation, but the big themes are here for all:

1. Experts are clueless

2. Customers don’t know what they want

3. Jump to the next curve

uniqueness and value4. Big challenge

5. Design counts

6. Use big graphics and big fonts

7. Change your mind

8. Value not equal to price

9. A players hire A+ players

10. Marketing = unique value

Then he produced a bonus lesson –¬†some things need to be believed to be seen. You have to believe in something if you want to make it come true. His view: Jobs was good at that, and good at communicating his belief.

Guy closed with an offer for canva.com, and appeared surprised and delighted that many in the audience were already fans of Canva.

Guy Kawasaki and Steve JobsHe closed with two exhortations to the audience. One from Kawasaki himself – “don’t let the bozos grind you down”, and then Steve Jobs’ own “stay hungry, stay foolish.

A great start to Inbound 2014.