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MashtagsFrom The Independent in the UK:

‘There was a simpler time, a time when potato snacks were shaped like smiley faces, leaving only an aftertaste of faint nostalgia and plastic.

‘But those days are gone, now Birdseye are producing potato hashtags and potato @ symbols and calling them Mashtags.

‘”The addition of Mashtags to our food range is an exciting development for Birds Eye. Social media is all about conversation and we’re confident Mashtags will resonate across various groups of people,” said Pete Johnson, senior brand manager at Birds Eye.

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Twitter is now a Key Tool in Crisis Management.

Twitter is now a key tool in crisis managementAs I turned into my local railway station one morning recently I knew immediately that something terrible had happened. Where normally there would be one or two cars in front of the ticket office, the whole area was crowded with half a dozen police cars and many other emergency vehicles and personnel. I was stopped by a Chiltern Railways member of staff who gave me the bad news.

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