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Inbound 2014 – Five Insights from Day One

Day one of Inbound 2014 yesterday. Here are five moments of insight from the day:

Marketing is simple: “Figure out what’s working and do more of it.” – Hiten Shah

Learn to type faster. Pencils are better for taking notes. Keyboards are better for capturing ideas as you generate them. If you type faster, you capture your ideas as you have them and you produce better work. – Clive Thomson

Our body chemistry means that acts of selfishness and acts of selflessness cause different reactions in us that we can’t control. Great leadership requires acts of selflessness. From such acts we get true leadership and an enabling culture. A good example is the marine culture, where leaders eat last. – Simon Sinek.

Craig Vodka MartiniYou can’t outspend a giant, but you can out-think, out-teach, and out-help therm. How do you do that? Recruit great people. If you want to get good at growth you need to get great at recruting. – Dhamesh Shah

“Hubspot is now in the CRM business.” – Brian Halligan

..and in best Guy Kawasaki style, here a bonus picture insight. This is Craig from Struto, educating me in the weirdest Vodka Martini I have ever had.

Ten things Guy Kawasaki learned from Steve Jobs

inbound14Guy Kawasaki opened Inbound 2014 tonight with a presentation on the lessons he learned in two spells at Apple working closely with the late and great Steve Jobs. In his relaxed and confident style, Guy identified ten lessons which he shared with an appreciative audience. Along the way he gently ribbed Microsoft and Dell, among others.

Guy identified that the world changes when people move to a new curve, rather than trying to improve the existing curve. He illustrated the point beautifully by talking about the supply of ice for domestic use, which moved from ice farming 120 years ago, to (new curve) ice factories 90 years ago, to (new curve again) the domestic refrigerators 60 years ago. As he pointed out, despite their dominance in ice manufacturing, none of the ice factories got into domestic refrigerator manufacturing.

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Inbound Marketing UK 2013

Inbound 2013I very much enjoyed this summit which took place in London on 14th October 2013. We had a range of speakers starting with Hubspot CEO Brian Halligan and concluding with Mumsnet co-founder Carrie Longton. Frank Belzer discussed the evolving implications for sales organisations of inbound marketing (of which more at a later date), and Doug Kessler talked with humour and much knowledge about content (“steal it, from far away.”) Continue reading

How EE can avoid a social media mistake

EE social media mistakeMy blog post about Peter Fitchett caused me to look at EE’s use of social media. My conclusion is that EE is getting it badly wrong on social media. Let’s try to help them get it right.

My blog about Peter Fitchett is a story evolving in real time, and I have followed developments with interest. As this morning wore on, the lack of anything from EE on Peter’s feed caused me to go look at EE’s Facebook feed and what I found fascinated and horrified me in equal measure.

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How not to do damage limitation on Facebook

Facebook damage limitationThis morning’s question is this: You’re a major corporation. One of your customers suffers the tragic loss of a child. What do you do?

The supplemental is this: Suppose your response to question one isn’t great. The customer is frustrated and now the story is going viral on Facebook. Real-time damage limitation is needed. Your actions in the next few minutes can either enhance or damage your reputation. What do you do now?

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Twitter is now a Key Tool in Crisis Management.

Twitter is now a key tool in crisis managementAs I turned into my local railway station one morning recently I knew immediately that something terrible had happened. Where normally there would be one or two cars in front of the ticket office, the whole area was crowded with half a dozen police cars and many other emergency vehicles and personnel. I was stopped by a Chiltern Railways member of staff who gave me the bad news.

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