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How EE can avoid a social media mistake

EE social media mistakeMy blog post about Peter Fitchett caused me to look at EE’s use of social media. My conclusion is that EE is getting it badly wrong on social media. Let’s try to help them get it right.

My blog about Peter Fitchett is a story evolving in real time, and I have followed developments with interest. As this morning wore on, the lack of anything from EE on Peter’s feed caused me to go look at EE’s Facebook feed and what I found fascinated and horrified me in equal measure.

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How not to do damage limitation on Facebook

Facebook damage limitationThis morning’s question is this: You’re a major corporation. One of your customers suffers the tragic loss of a child. What do you do?

The supplemental is this: Suppose your response to question one isn’t great. The customer is frustrated and now the story is going viral on Facebook. Real-time damage limitation is needed. Your actions in the next few minutes can either enhance or damage your reputation. What do you do now?

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Does Apple no longer think America is cool?

There’s been lots of talk about this Apple ad recently including this piece in Forbes and lots of discussion on social media. I’ve even had Twitter dialogue with the legendary Tom Peters about it. It’s safe to say that it has caused a stir.

There’s lots about this ad that is interesting. What’s most interesting for me is the strapline on the ad – Designed by Apple in California.

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Microsoft and Nokia – Hugging Each Other For Warmth?

microsoft-nokia-deaMy first reaction to the Microsoft-Nokia announcement: This very much feels like two organisations hugging each other to stay warm against the cold winds of reality.

Both have lost their way from positions of incredible market dominance a decade ago, and it looks like each is turning to the other for rescue.  Yet they’ve had a partnership for some time, and it hasn’t made the necessary waves. So why does anybody think it might work now?

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